Metallica seeks and enjoys a fan’s Metallica collection

Posted by on February 23, 2017

Building a Metallica collection can turn into an addiction. It starts with owning every single album, to discovering bootlegs, recorded interviews, the original Live Shit: Binge & Purge VHS boxset, clocks, posters, So What! Magazines, and endless T-shirts. There are fans out there that have a designated drawer filled with Metallica shirts alone. However, Doug Brown, who recently attended Metallica’s gig at the Opera House in Toronto happened to surprise Metallica on his massive Metallica collection.

When looking at this video, it becomes clear, no one will surpass the amount of merchandise he has. We’re talking about a multitude amount of copies per album on different formats from cassettes, CDs, and vinyl. According to Doug, it all started with one single Black album on cassette and it kept growing. For those diehard Metallica fans out there, you will feel slightly jealous:

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