We’ve known for a little while now that Metallica would be releasing their own pinball machine. Metallica Pinball. If you really like Metallica and/or pinball and are looking for a good way to spend $5-7,000 you’ve just found it. But you might want to see what the game looks and plays like before forking over the cash for it. Thankfully, Stern Pinball, the company making the game, has posted a video of competitive pinball player Lyman Sheats playing the game – for 15 minutes. If you have the patience to watch all of this, you’re probably a big fan of Lulu.  However, before knowing that he was a competitive player, the first thought I had is ‘wow, this game looks really easy.’ It’s pretty cool hearing Metallica’s music and voices in the game, though. For a (much more concise) look at the game from the designer, check after the jump.