Metallica release pro-video of “Here Comes Revenge” performance

Posted by on March 11, 2019

On March 2, Metallica performed “Here Comes Revenge” live for the first time during their show in Lubbock, Texas. Now, professional footage of the performance was released.

“Here Comes Revenge” is from the Metallica’s 2016 album Hardwired…To Self-Destruct. The song was written about a young fan tragically killed by a drunk driver. Following her death, her parents took comfort sharing in the music of their daughter’s favorite band, attending several of their shows. Her parents have since become friends with the band.

During an interview with Virgin Radio in 2017, frontman James Hetfield said about the inspiration for the song:

“It just hit me: ‘How can you guys find something positive in the world to connect you to your daughter again’ — which was Metallica, the music she loved — ‘instead of just snapping and wanting to just become bitter and attack whoever did this?’ So I’m kinda putting myself in those shoes and how revenge must feel really powerful and great to do, but it doesn’t satisfy that urge.”

Hetfield further addressed the song with Australia’s Rolling Stone, remarking of the family’s story:

“She was young. How could you not be pissed off? How could you not want to go after somebody? But what they chose to do was embrace the music she loved and get to know her through the music and connect that way instead. They continue to show up at shows, which I love. We’re friends now. And they’ve gotten through something that I don’t think I could get through.”

An animated music video for “Here Comes Revenge” was released back in 2016, along with music videos for all of Hardwired.

The current leg of Metallica’s ‘Worldwired’ Tour ends March 13 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Starting in May, the band will be heading overseas for a European leg of the tour. The band will then take the tour down under in October for a string of dates in Australia and New Zealand.


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