Metal Insider’s Top Five reasons to watch Trollfest’s recent Live Stream concert

Posted by on April 13, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all events are essentially cancelled or postponed until further notice as it’s time to take the news day by day to see when life will become normal again. There’s been a surge of Livestream events, Q&As, as well as streaming previous concerts in full to keep everyone entertained while being under lockdown. There is hours worth of material for you to check out. However, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this one as it’s one of the most entertaining live stream events we’ve seen.


On Friday (10th), Trollfest shared a live stream as they performed in an empty venue at Blå in Oslo, Norway. Here are Metal Insider’s Top 5 reasons why you should stream this show.


05) Smart marketing

Financially, bands, venues, and just about everything in the music industry have been struck losing thousands of dollars, if not more. Trollfest’s live stream didn’t require everyone to pay for the show. However, they left a watermark throughout the set, asking to donate money via PayPal. Knowing fans have also been hit during this pandemic as many jobs are lost, they left it up to the viewers to give as much or little as possible. 


04) Balloons

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a time that we never thought would happen in our lifetime, as there’s very little room to smile. A small thing like seeing a stage filled with ridiculous balloons can lift someone’s spirit. And, Trollfest did just that.


03) Realistic Interaction

During the performance, Trollfest interacted with their fans as though they were in the room with them. They demanded all to form circle pits in various areas of one’s home, to admittedly address how strange it was for them to play a show in an empty venue. However, their interaction made things more personal as we are all in this pandemic together.


02) Uplifting Set 

Musically to presentation-wise, Trollfest’s entire set remained uplifting and entertaining. It will make you get off of your couch and move around, reminding you how much more you will appreciate live shows once things return to normal.


01) The ultimate Conga Line

Trollfest is known for their “Conga Pit” or “Conga Line,” as everyone on the internet is welcome to join in a massive conga line. You can also invite your pets to join the line as well. 


In case you missed it, watch the stream below:



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