‘Metal Health: Out of the Pit’ a film on mental health within the metal community

Posted by on May 15, 2019

Last week, we recognized mental health awareness month by joining together sharing a list of music that has helped us cope during difficult times. Since 1949, May has become known as mental health awareness month as there’s approximately one in five adults in the U.S alone that experience mental illness each year. The music world has been hit with significant losses as a result of either mental illness, depression, addiction, or suicide. These losses have taken its toll as artists including Disturbed have been spreading awareness.

As we continue to observe mental health, we came across a trailer for an upcoming documentary titled, Metal Health: Out of the Pit, as the film follows the subject on mental health and depression within the heavy music world. It is important to discuss this hefty topic openly as the film follows interviews from Venom Prison, Wolfheart, Exmortus, Carach Angren, and more.

Watch the trailer below:

In addition to the film, there’s an entire website called Heavy Metal Therapy, which is known as “an online resource and community for people who find metal music helpful for mental well being.”

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