Meshuggah get things moving with their new Clockwork

Posted by on October 7, 2016


October 7, 2016, has finally arrived, where many have labeled it as Meshuggah day! Rightfully so as the Swedish extreme metal titans released their most anticipated album to date, The Violent Sleep of Reason via Nuclear Blast. A few have already considered it their best album in their entire career. With that said, Meshuggah surprised us all with the video premiere of the new song “Clockworks.” The video is produced by the visual effects designer Julius Horsthuis. The graphics morph well with the blistering track which hopefully everyone has a chance to save some time today to check out the new album in its entirety. It feels as though it was forever since 2012’s Koloss as Meshuggah has proven that The Violent Sleep of Reason is well worth the four-year wait!



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