Mastodon, Hellyeah! have battle of the brothers for Orange Amps

Posted by on August 30, 2016


Let’s face it – some sports are boring. Golf might be fun to play, but watching a bunch of tackily-dressed rich people hit balls around for a few hours isn’t exciting. Tennis isn’t particularly exciting to watch either. However, Orange Amplifiers has just made a promotional video for an event we’d want to watch if it was real. The “Orange Amps Classic” video features a bass-off between Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and HELLYEAH’s Kyle Sanders. The two are brothers, and seem to be enjoying themselves in the video, which is shot like a ’70s sporting event by Newmerica, who’ve had fun with Mastodon in the past. Things don’t turn out so great for one of the Sanders brothers, and you’ll have to watch to see which one. The spot might make you want to buy an Orange Stroke 4 or and OB1, and that’s just fine with Orange.

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