Video: Troy Sanders Plugs In To Orange

Posted by on January 9, 2013


In between the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is happening now, and the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) taking place at the end of the month, a lot of electronics and music companies will be unveiling their newest gear in January. One of those companies is Orange Amplifiers, who unveiled their Micro Terror mini-head via a pretty funny skit starring Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders as a spoiled guitarist with a last minute emergency. Well, it’s actually a little odd, in that Sanders is playing a guitarist in the ad. Maybe Brent Hinds flaked out at the last second? At any rate, in addition to Troy, the ad also stars his brother Darren (he’s the guy in the Kylesa shirt), a dog, and the pretty badass-looking Orange Micro Terror, which is apparently has enough juice to power a 4×12 cabinet. Kudos to both Orange and Sanders for having a sense of humor, and for Sanders for following in Brent’s footsteps as a pitchman.

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