Brent Hinds gives kid a head tattoo in Orange ad

Posted by on November 6, 2015


Atlanta-based ad agency Newmerica must have Mastodon’s Brent Hinds on speed dial. The company’s used the singer and guitarist in several ads so far, most notably for the El Myr and then for a tattoo shop. In fact, there’s even a Newmerica comedy series, Fameless, that’s allegedly going to star Hinds. This ad, for the Orange Micro Dark guitar amp, also features a Hinds cameo, as a tattoo artist giving a little boy a head tattoo that matches his. Satan also appears in the ad, in which “Bobby” gets a Micro Dark amp for Christmas and starts completely becoming a rock star as his parents argue. MonstrO’s Juan Montoya wrote the music for the ad and costars in it as Satan. It’s a really funny ad that’s making us want one of the little guys (the amp head, not the kid!).

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