Mastodon And Opeth Walk Into A Record Store…

Posted by on April 24, 2012


As part of Record Store Day (which took place last Saturday, April 21), Mastodon and Opeth appeared together at a special signing session, which took place at the Disc Go Round in Corpus Christi, TX. And it didn’t take long for Corpus Christi Rocks TV to upload video from the rare in-store appearance.

To be honest, there’s nothing too mind blowing about the footage, although it was funny seeing one fan getting his cello autographed around the 8:35 mark. Still, it’s pretty cool to not only see these two bands (who are still on the road together) at the same in-store session, but also shopping for records together. Wonder if Mikael Akerfeldt felt any pressure from his tourmates to buy one particular Record Store Day exclusive release.

You can watch footage from Mastodon and Opeth’s in-store appearance at at the Disc Go Round in Corpus Christi, TX above.

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