Cover Artwork For Mastodon And Feist’s ‘Feistodon’ Split Revealed

Posted by on April 9, 2012

We’ve been waiting to hear Mastodon and Feist’s split for some time now. While we may have to wait a few more days until its release on Record Store Day (April 21), at least we can check out some pretty cool artwork.

As you can see above, the cover artwork for the Feistodon split features pieces of the Canadian indie pop star and each member of the band’s faces merged into one image. We especially like how Feist’s tongue is colored in black marker (an obvious reference to the Mastodon song she covers for the split), while the cover also gives us an idea as to what she’d look like with Brett Hinds’ tribal face tattoo.

Hopefully Mastodon’s cover of “A Commotion” and Feist’s version of “Black Tongue” are as awesome as the split’s cover. Although, from what we’ve heard from people who have heard the two covers, we have no need to worry. So with that, we say “Can it be April 21 already?”

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