Master of Puppet: This Pantera puppet shreds

Posted by on August 15, 2016


Every now and then, something comes along that pretty much breaks the internet as far as metal is concerned. If you’ve seen an old dude singing to Drowning Pool, you know what we’re talking about. That happened this weekend with Chilean puppeteer Bullicio Puppets and his latest creation, a guitarist that shreds Pantera’s, well, “The Art of Shredding.” It’s incredibly well-done, and a nice tribute to Dimebag Darrell, even if the puppet itself isn’t specifically modeled after Dime. The fact that there are stage effects, like a smoke machine, pushes it over the top. In fact, we’re not the only ones to think that, as Pantera shared it on their page, and it’s amassed 5.6 million views in the one week it’s been online. It might not be a Dio hologram, but it’s the next best way to preserve the memory of a metal god that’s no longer with us.

Bullicio seems to know to strike when the iron is hot, as there are also clips of the guitarist doing Megadeth as well.

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