Marriage proposal during a Korn meet & greet

Posted by on November 11, 2015

We know our readership and we are certain you want more Korn related news so we bring you just that, except that it doesn’t really involve the band like the whole Jonathan Davis being miserable playing their debut album live but more with something happening while the band was in the same room.

Music can be the bonding factor among many couples out there because, what else are you going to talk to a girl if not music? the weather? her hopes and dreams? of course not. That’s why marriage proposals during shows are nothing to be unheard of. We’ve seen that happening during an Amon Amarth show, or even during a show of the most romantic band in the world, Napalm Death, but have you seen a guy paying top dollars to propose to his girlfriend in front of his favorite band? Now you will.

During a Meet and Greet with Korn on their latest tour, a man decided to propose to his girlfriend in front of the band, as he says they met and bonded because of their mutual love for the group. The moment is really cute and you can see it below:

[via Metalsucks.net]


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