Korn Team Up With Skrillex, Premiere Track Online

Posted by on April 14, 2011

It seems like only yesterday Korn released their Roadrunner debut, III: Remember Who You Are. Actually, it was this past July, but it looks like they’ll be returning next month with an EP. The band have premiered “Get Up,” a collaboration with Los Angeles DJ Skrillex tentatively due on the EP, on Spin. The song is pretty interesting, in that it definitely sounds like Korn as soon as Jonathan Davis starts singing, but the purposely glitchy-sounding electronics and beats give the song a rough, modern sheen. Korn are no strangers to electronic music, having released multiple remixes of their songs throughout their career and collaborated with the Dust Brothers for “Kick the P.A.” for the Spawn soundtrack.

“I heard a few of Skrillex’s re-mixes and really felt there would be a good chance that he would have the right sensibility to connect us to a new hard sound and direction, but still keeping Korn guitars and our vibe,” frontman Jonathan Davis tells SPIN. “We were just thinking of trying something new, to be honest, so I had my manager reach out to the Skrillex camp. When we got into the studio the connection was instant!”

What you’ll think of the song is dependent on your thoughts of electronic music. Korn fans will probably like it, as will fans of Skrillex. If you’re a casual fan of either act, you probably won’t be won over.

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