Listen to two more new Kvelertak songs

Posted by on March 15, 2016

kvelertakWe’ve gotten a chance to check out Kvelertak’s third album, Nattesferd, and it’s another banger from the band. As evidenced by “1985,” it’s a little less frantic than the band’s first two albums ,but it’s still got that barely contained energy, and there aren’t that many bands that have a three-guitar attack, which is where the band really excel. Our Metal Sucks homies have uncovered clips of the band playing some new songs last week at a Stockholm concert they played with Turbonegro and Entombed AD. The first new song you’ll hear is the album opener, “Dendrofil for Yggdrasil,” followed by “1985,” which is their chronological order on Nattesferd. The nine-track album drops on May 13th on Roadrunner, so here’s your chance to hear a third of it.


The third new song they play is called “Ondskapens Galakse.” It’s definitely more in the AC/DC realm than anything the band’s done, sounding not unlike “Hells Bells.” These three songs definitely sum up the sound of the new album, and you’ll very likely get to hear these three songs and more live when the band take to the road with Torche and Wild Throne next month.




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