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Posted by on October 7, 2014

ACDC-Rock-or-BustIf you’re watching the MLB playoffs, you’ve already heard a bit of the new AC/DC album via the song “Play Ball” being used in the ads for it. However, the band have revealed the title track of Rock or Bust, along with the track listing and album artwork for the album, due out December 2nd. Much like the band’s straightforward music, the album cover is the band’s logo looking like it’s carved in rock. The album cover to the CD will be lenticular, meaning that the band’s logo will seem to explode when you move it in different directions. They’ve illustrated it with the .gif you see to your right. And in addition to the title track, the 11-song collection has three other songs with “rock” in the title.

As for the title track, which leads off the album, it’s as consistent as ever. It’s easy to know that it’s an AC/DC song, and it could’ve come out any time in the last 34 years, which is a good thing. According to reports, when filming the video for the song, Phil Rudd couldn’t make the shoot, so drummer Bob Richards filled in for it. If you pre-order Rock or Bust on iTunes, you’ll get an instant download of “Play Ball.” Here’s the track listing:

UPDATE: Looks like “Rock or Bust” is temporarily down, but here’s the full version of “Play Ball”:



Rock or Bust
Play Ball
Rock the Blues Away
Miss Adventure
Dogs of War
Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
Hard Times
Baptism BY Fire
Rock the House
Sweet Candy
Emission Control

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