Kindly listen to the title track of the new Cynic album

Posted by on January 14, 2014


Cynic took 15 years between their first album, Focus, and their second, Traced in Air. Thankfully, their third took nowhere near as long, and even had an EP in between it. In February, they’ll be releasing their third full length, Kindly Bent to Free Us. You’ve already gotten to hear “The Lion’s Roar,” and now the album’s title track is out via a lyric video that premiered on Revolver earlier today. From what we’re hearing of the new album, it continues the band’s evolution in a prog direction. Fans of latter day Opeth and Porcupine Tree that haven’t listened to Cynic yet, or in a while, might have just found their new favorite band. There’s no harsh vocals, or even the vocoder that once helped define the band’s sound. Instead, it’s a version of the band that might help them find their largest audience yet, while not alienating the fans that have been there since day 1.

Kindly Bent to Free Us is out on February 18th on Season of Mist in North America and on February 14th in the rest of the world.


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