Kids react to AC/DC proves Angus Young is “just so good” on guitar

Posted by on April 17, 2017


After a monthlong wait, Fine Brothers Entertainment return with another episode of Kids React. It’s been a few weeks since they gave us a laugh when teens didn’t like  Linkin Park’s new direction. This new clip brings one of the most iconic bands, AC/DC, to the test. Hopefully, they wouldn’t come off like a dad rock band, similar to the previous Guns N’ Roses episode.

A few kids commented:

“What kind of band name is that?”

“It’s a really good guitar person.”

“I think my dad played them before, I don’t know though.”

“Sounds like they are saying, ‘thunder’?”

“Can’t understand that!”

“It’s like a little gremlin voice! Sort of.”

“It’s hyped up. Like, yeah! I could do anything!”

“It’s not very good, I don’t know, It’s probably me because I’m not really a huge fan of rock.”

“OMG The guitar person just cannot stop, He’s just so good.”

“What are they talking about? I don’t even know what they are talking about?”

“People like, like this?”

“You can just play it and all of a sudden your energy is up.”

“Are those church bells or something?”

“This song is terrible.”

“My dad tries to play this on guitar.”

Check out the full video below:


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