Kids “like, Iron,” but never heard of “Maiden,” in new reaction video

Posted by on June 19, 2017

Fine Brothers Entertainment reaction series return with Kids reacting to Iron Maiden. Last week, we were blown away watching teens reacting to Linkin Park reacting to teens reacting to Linkin Park and today, we get to see kids respond to classic tunes such as “The Trooper,” “Wasted Years,” and despite the lawsuit, “Hallowed Be Thy Name.”

A few kids said the following:

“Iron Maiden? What?!”

“Iron Maiden? I like Iron but, I never heard of Maiden.”

“Well, this is rock.”

“It’s not bad so far.”

“Is this a girl?!”

“It was nice. But, CRAZY!”

“Jesus! That started so fast!”

“The tune is not bad, I guess.”


Watch the full video below:

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