Kataklysm have announced their new album Unconquered will be released on September 25th via Nuclear Blast. The follow-up to 2018’s Meditations was recorded and engineered by producer and guitarist JF Dagenais at JFD Studio in Dallas, TX, mixed by Colin Richardson and Chris Clancy as the record is promised to be the group’s best-produced albums in their entire career. To celebrate the new album reveal, the band has unleashed the first single, “The Killshot,” in a new video directed by Scott Hansen of Digital Thunderdome.


The band comments:

“‘The Killshot’ is very Machiavellian at its base meaning. The song deals with revenge and planning it out, I wrote the song in an open interpretation because everyone has their own story that they can attach to it. In general, the album deals with pain or setbacks, overcoming them and fighting back especially in today’s situation, the timing is on point. In February, we flew to Atlanta, Georgia and worked with director Scott Hanson. We saw some of his creations and wanted to try his style. The experience was awesome and we won’t forget it anytime soon. Everything went great but it was there, sitting at the airport that we first started seeing on all the screens that Covid-19 was about to shutdown the country.”


Watch the video below and pre-order the album here:



Track List:

01) The Killshot

02) Cut Me Down

03) Underneath The Scars

04) Focused To Destroy You

05) The Way Back Home

06) Stitches

07) Defiant

08) Icarus Falling

09) When It’s Over