Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black go to Extremes to recreate More Than Words

Posted by on May 5, 2015

There is a recurring joke about new guitar players trying to impress the ladies at the campuses of their colleges by playing Oasis’ “Wonderwall,” but before that, the ultimate song of choice to reach a woman’s heart was the timeless “More Than Words” by Extreme, which, aside from being the best duo song to play with your wingman, also has an iconic music video in black and white that you can still probably watch every now and then on VH1 or any music channel that actually plays music. In fact, Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt (who might be better known as Rihanna’s guitarist now) even teamed up with Jason Segel to parody the video on How I Met Your Mother a few years back

To pay tribute to the song, Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black decided to to a shot-by-shot remake of the video, with full performances, costumes, wigs, the whole deal for The Tonight Show and it’s actually quite accurate and entertaining to watch.



If you watch the original video, you can see how loyal Fallon’s version is to Extreme’s.




Remember that if you feel like watching the song performed by the actual band, you can catch Extreme on this year’s Heavy Montreal along with other great bands to use your lighter on during ballads like Cattle Decapitation and Abbath.


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