Incite release virtual reality video for “Life’s Disease”

Posted by on May 18, 2016

inciteFace it – most music videos have been done to death. How many dudes playing in a warehouse or lyric videos to songs with forgettable dumb lyrics that can you see? Apparently lots of them, since about nine out of every ten videos are similar. Thanks to Incite, we now have a new video from them that hasn’t been done to death – a 360 degree virtual reality video for the song “Life’s Disease.”

Granted, it was shot in a warehouse too, but the fact that you can scroll around while watching it, or just turn your head if you’re wearing a 360-degree VR device, is pretty innovative. It puts you in scenarios where you’re in an insane asylum, in the middle of a seance with some creepy girl walking around in the background (that’d be frontman Richie Cavalera’s wife Shonda Mackey) and when the band is playing, you can scroll to see your favorite member, or just look away entirely if that’s your thing. Cavalera told the Wall Street Journal, who premiered the video, that he was excited when he finally saw how the video came out:

“When we were doing it, we didn’t quite understand what was going to come out,” he says. “But when we saw it, we were like, ‘Oh man! We want to do it again!’”

The band’s new album, Oppression, is out now on Minus Head Records and can be purchased here.

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