Here’s what it sounds like when Vince Neil and Boy George team up

Posted by on January 5, 2017

Luis Trinh/NBC

Are you watching Celebrity Apprentice?  We’re not, but just the simple fact that former Motley Crue singer Vince Neil and former (?) Culture Club frontman Boy George are on it together, and apparently already aren’t getting along, makes it sound pretty compelling. That doesn’t mean the two aren’t making music together, as evidenced in a clip from Monday’s forthcoming show. In the brief clip, Welch’s Grape Juice is doing some sort of live health segment, and George sings the theme song as Vince Neil and MMA athlete Chael Sonnen back him on acoustic guitar. What’s the health show appearance promoting, aside from Welch’s? Hell if Vince Neil can pronounce it. 

This certainly isn’t the worst musical performance assembled for a reality show, but it’s not really all that grape, either. The clip premiered on Billboard, and the fulll episode will air on Monday, January 9th from 8 to 10 on NBC. 

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