Here’s some new Testament, and we don’t mean the bible

Posted by on September 2, 2016


We’ve known for a while now that Testament would be coming out with a new album, Brotherhood of the Snake. Then we found out that the album would be out on October 28th. Today, however, the band have chosen to usher us into the holiday weekend with the album’s title track. The song, from the band’s 12th album, kicks off what the band is calling a concept album about the connection between aliens and religion. So basically, maybe Chuck Billy and Matt Pike can sit around vaping from Chuck’s “herbal vaporizer” and talk about aliens.

Here’s the track listing of the album:

01. Brotherhood Of The Snake
02. The Pale King
03. Stronghold
04. Seven Seals
05. Born In A Rut
06. Centuries Of Suffering
07. Neptune’s Spear
08. Black Jack
09. Canna-Business
10. The Number Game

Brotherhood of the Snake will be out on October 28th on Nuclear Blast. It can be preordered here.


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