Here’s some awesome new dad rock from The Night Flight Orchestra

Posted by on April 27, 2018

The Night Flight Orchestra seems like a fever dream of corporate rock conceived in the ’80s, but here they are about to come out with their fourth album. A band featuring Soilwork’s Bjorn Strid and David Andersson and Arch Enemy’s Sharlee D’Angelo, NFO pay tribute to a time in rock that’s been nearly forgotten, a time when corporate rock ruled the airwaves. Journey, Asia, Survivor and Styx created music that was hugely popular, yet dismissed by purists of both rock and metal. Since 2007, the band have been pumping out the dad rock jams, and Nuclear Blast picked them up for their last album, Amber Galactic. Now, just one year after Amber Galactic, they’ll be returning in June with Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough.

They’ve given us a taste of the new album already with “This Time,” and it’s as borderline cheesy yet way more fun and not cheesy as you’d expect. The video is over the top, featuring the band performing against a backdrop of lazers, Tron-era special effects and clothes that looks like they were raided from a Merry Go Round or Chess King  Here’s what the band says about the track:

“Recording the video for our first single ‘This Time‘, was like combining different dimensions in a space cocktail. Numerous times during the video shoot, band members had to call the tax authorities, to confirm their names in the register, to make sure they had not lost all contact with reality. The result is surely mesmerizing and will take you on a journey that will be hard to digest.

This is also our first video featuring the ‘The Airline Annas‘, our beautiful and super talented back up singers. They certainly made this video sparkle. The song itself, is the album opener and might not be representative for the whole album – no song really is, but we just like it that way. We make albums and each and every song leads it‘s own little life and together they form a celebratory album with class, hooks and a bass that could walk a million miles without stopping for a drink. This trailblazer of a song used to be just ours, now it‘s yours too. Enjoy!”

Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough will be out on June 29th on Nuclear Blast.


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