Here’s a new Mushroomhead track, “QWERTY”

Posted by on April 23, 2014


Mushroomhead will be back with their first album in four years, The Righteous & The Butterfly, when it drops May 13 on Megaforc, but you can hear a new track right now. Loudwire has premiered “QWERTY”, the first new track to be revealed from the new album. The band’s bassist, Dr. F, discussed the new single:

“‘QWERTY’ is one of those songs that is a anything goes, wide spectrum-style tune. From its inception, it was obvious that this would be a fun, creepy, unpredictable one.”

“The song came about around two years ago when Church and Myself first joined ‘Shroom. Right around then, we were rehearsing for the annual ‘old-school’ show in Cleveland and our heads were full of nothing but Mushroomhead’s early catalog. It just so happened that we were in the pre-production stages of writing for a new album as well. The influence of the early ‘Shroom period is very evident in ‘QWERTY’ as it was inspired by songs like ‘Simpleton,’ ‘Ego-Trip’ and ’43,’ just to name a few.”

“We wanted to fuse together the fun, dark keyboard driven sounds of the old-school with a raw, heavy modern twist. We feel as though we’ve accomplished this and couldn’t be more excited that it became the first single!”

If you’re wondering what Mushroomhead sound like in 2014, they still sound very much like Mushroomhead. Also, the band’s recent photoshoot shows the band still looks very much like Mushroomhead…as well as another well-known band.

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