Here’s a metal bagpipe version of the Power Rangers theme song

Posted by on March 27, 2017

You might remember Archy Jay,  aka The Snake Charmer, from her metal bagpipe metal medley of Lamb of God tunes we wrote about last year. The medley, done with guitarist/producer Daran Katiyar, was extremely well-done, and the fact that a woman was playing bagpipes didn’t make it any less metal. Yesterday, The Snake Charmer returned, this time to do a metal bagpipe cover of the Power Rangers theme. Here’s what their YouTube page says about the cover:

Its Power rangers 2017 theme is Epic! We just cannot ignore the Mighty Morphin Power rangers theme song. I decided to make a Bagpipe metal version of this song adding the super cool solos and riffs into this ancient beasty instrument. Enjoy!

Until now, we thought Revocation being in the new version of the film was the most metal thing about it. Maybe we stand corrected now. 

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