Here are all three episodes of Ziltoid TV in one place

Posted by on October 29, 2014


It’s been a pretty big release week, as you may have already read. And while Taylor Swift’s latest is going to sell more in one week than any other album has sold all year, this is one of the most solid release weeks of the year. Other than At the Gates, Obituary and Unearth, among others, Devin Townsend has released Z2, a double album that continues (at least one of the discs), the adventures of extraterrestrial Ziltoid and his quest for the perfect cup of coffee that has him taking on the world. And with the album in stores this week, Devin has unveiled the third and final episode of Ziltoid TV. Now you can watch the trilogy, which is better than The Matrix, not as good as the original Star Wars trilogy, but great for what’s essentially a puppet show. Oh yeah, and the albums are pretty great too.




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