Norwegian doom metal band Funeral will release their ninth album, Gospel of Bones, on October 18th via Season of Mist. The album features a blend of doom, folk, and classical music, with contributions from guitarist Dave “Gravy” Felton, baritone opera singer Eirik Krokfjord, and violinist Ingvild Johannessen.

The group has shared a video for the lead single, “My Own Grave,”   to give a taste of what’s to come. Gospel of Bones explores themes of pain, loss, and resilience, reflecting drummer Anders Eek’s personal experiences.

The current lineup includes Anders Eek (drums), Eirik Krokfjord (vocals), Ingvild Johannesen (violin), Rune Gandrud (bass), Stian Kråbøl (guitars), and Morten Søbyskogen (guitars).

Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:

Track List:

01) Too Young To Die
02) Yestertear
03) Procession of Misery
04) These Rusty Nails
05) Ailo’s Lullaby
06) My Own Grave
07) To Break All Hearts Of Men
08) Når Kisten Senkes
09) Three Dead Men

Feature Image Photo Credit: Guilherme Henriques