Earlier this month, it was announced that Floor, Steve Brooks’s pre-Torche band, had reunited for their first album in over a decade. We’re still about two months away from getting the full album, but you can sate your excitement with another new track “Find Away”, available for streaming on Noisey. And if you’ve never listed to Floor before but you like Torche, you can check out a classic Floor track called “Scimitar” in the video below. Oblation will be out in North America April 29 on Season of Mist.

Oblation tracklist:

1. Oblation
2. Rocinante
3. Trick Scene
4. Find Away
5. The Key
6. New Man
7. Sister Sophia
8. The Quill
9. Love Comes Crushing
10. War Party
11. Homegoings And Transitions
12. Sign Of Aeth
13. Raised To A Star
14. Forever Still