If you’re familiar with Steve Brooks of Torche, you might know that before Torche he got started in sludge metal band called Floor. The band has reunited a few times since 2010 for a few live shows but hasn’t done much in the way of new material in over a decade. That’s all about to change with the band’s upcoming album Oblation set for release April 25 on Season Of Mist. There’s a new track available for streaming on Stereogum titled “War Party”, which is definitely worth listening to if you’re a fan of Torche or sludge/stoner metal in general.

Oblation tracklist:

1. Oblation
2. Rocinante
3. Trick Scene
4. Find Away
5. The Key
6. New Man
7. Sister Sophia
8. The Quill
9. Love Comes Crushing
10. War Party
11. Homegoings And Transitions
12. Sign Of Aeth
13. Raised To A Star
14. Forever Still

[via Stereogum]