As we’ve seen on Friday’s (20th) six videos to check out, and the hysterical Mariah Carey and Marilyn Manson holiday mashup, we decided to create a list containing five holiday-related songs for you to share with your loved ones instead of the traditional Christmas beats.


05) Beldon Haigh – “White House Meltdown”

For those who want to rebel against the tradition of leaving politics and religion away from the dinner table, Beldon Haigh’s “White House Meltdown” is for you. The clip features “Trump,” “Putin,” and “Kim Jon-Un” celebrating the holiday season.  

The group explained:

“The chance to provoke people to stop and think, then move from provocation into unification.  Hopefully unite people through laughter rather than divide them through hate. That’s why I don’t use swearing or advocate hatred. At some point we need to realise we are all in the same boat – these tyrannical leaders only care for themselves and divide populations to keep themselves in power.”