Five Finger Death search for a gimmick in new video

Posted by on July 1, 2015


It can’t be said that Five Finger Death Punch are humorless. Today the band released a video for “Jeckyll and Hyde,” the first single from their forthcoming Got Your Six. Instead of the tried and true “play in a dimly-lit warehouse that only manufactures sparks,” they’ve made a video about making a video. In fact, the first minute and a half is them discussing the video. Everyone has different ideas of what they should be doing in it. When the song starts, it’s the band doing their version of the video that they pitched. Ivan Moody is rocking a pair of Spongebob PJs, the Pirates of the Carribbean-looking guy is knitting, the one guitarist is dressed as stupidly as possible, and another guy’s yelling at a coffeemaker. There’s also a chainsaw. Given the fact that the band’s differences of opinions led to rumors of their breakup after a botched show, the video’s actually really funny, and arguably better than the song it accompanies.

Got Your Six will be released on August 28th on Prospect Park. It can be preoredered here.


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