Fear Factory share studio update #3

Posted by on October 27, 2020


Fear Factory has shared a third studio update, including a tease of new music from their long-awaited album. The clip is more of a thank you note to fans as the band has exceeded their GoFundMe goal, currently at $25,796. Despite the current lineup situation with Burton C. Bell calling it quits for good, guitarist Dino Cazares is eager to move forward with the group as he shared the following message:


“A message to all the fans who contributed to the GoFundMe Campaign.

You did it! We called and you delivered! You helped us reach our goal in just a mere few weeks and now, we can deliver the album that Fear Factory fans have come to expect and all truly deserve! The album is almost done being mixed + mastered and is sounding absolutely KILLER!

We cannot thank you all, each and every single one of you enough for stepping up and helping be part of making this happen.

THANK YOU! Enjoy this new unmixed/unmastered song teaser studio update. protonepedals.com/dino



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