Exivious take aim at Vik Kuletski’s homophobia

Posted by on May 14, 2014


It didn’t take long for Dutch metal band Exivious to react to Vik Guitars founder Vik Kuletski’s homophobic comments about Cynic on Facebook. The band’s Michel Nienhuis and Tymon Kruidenier wrote and recorded a short lyric video for a song called “Vik in the Closet” urging him to get in touch with his feelings. As a song, it’s not much. As a reaction, it’s phenomenal. Quick turn around, and you can tell the two are having fun. Kruidenier apparently spent some time in Cynic, so he of all people should be able to poke fun at Kuletski. And to prove that they’re just having fun, the YouTube description says “Pre-order our new single ‘Vik In The Closet’ now and receive 2 free bonus tracks called ‘What What In The Vik’ and ‘YMCVik’.” We’d buy that.

[via Metal Sucks]

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