Erra unveil “Pale Iris” video

Posted by on August 17, 2023



Progressive metalcore outfit Erra are gearing up for their upcoming North American tour with Bad Omens. To get everyone pumped for what’s to come, the group has unveiled a video for their new single, “Pale Iris.” 


Guitarist/vocalist Jesse Cash comments:

“The first half of the song is a long crescendo to get us into the bridge where the song takes a darker turn and remains there until the end. Everything before is meant to create tension to serve that big release and make it as impactful as possible. The tuning drops five semitones in the bridge to further lend to the impact and shift of energy. It is essentially a song written for an 8-string guitar, but executed on 7-string thanks to the convenience of modern pitch-shifting. I watched a 2017 Lovecraftian film called The Endless that had this scene where the protagonist realizes a second moon has appeared in the sky. That scene always stuck with me. I can’t recall whether it was implied that the moons were the eyes of Cthulhu or directly suggested, but that concept was so fun to me, to imagine there were two giant eyes looking down at us malevolently. From that, I imagined the idea of two coins over the eyes of a corpse resembling two moons over a lifeless earth staring into space.”


Watch the clip below:



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