Epica share 10th studio vlog for Album #8

Posted by on September 23, 2020


Epica had plans to release their overall eighth studio effort sometime this month. Due to the pandemic, their schedule changed as the follow-up to 2016’s The Holographic Principle is expected to arrive in early 2021. These Dutch symphonic metal titans have now unleashed Vlog #10, a behind-the-scenes on the recording process, where the group recorded the record at Sandlane Recording Facilities in the Netherlands.


 Coen Janssen comments: 

“After spending half a year writing and recording some serious metal, we usually blow off some steam by rearranging a few songs in a totally different way. This time we went all out again and produced some crazy and unexpected versions that will appear as a bonus on certain editions of the new album! If you only half enjoy it as much as we did making it, you are in for a treat!! Loosen up those hips put on that smile and enjoy the acoustic songs!”


Watch Episode 10 below:


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Want more Epica? The group have recently released The Quantum Enigma B-Sides, which is available on all streaming platforms. The B-sides consist of 9 tracks that were released physically on various editions including the Japanese version and vinyl. Check out the rare songs here


Track List:

01) Memento

02) In All Conscience

03) Dreamscape

04) Banish Your Illusion

05) Mirage of Verity

06) Canvas of Life” (acoustic version)

07) In All Conscience” (acoustic version)

08) Dreamscape (acoustic version)

09) Natural Corruption (acoustic version)



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