Dream Theater have their own new world to show you

Posted by on May 6, 2016


Progressive veterans Dream Theater released their latest album The Astonishing earlier this year and actually are touring across North America playing it live for everyone attending their shows, but that doesn’t mean they can stop promoting it, right?

The band recently released a new music video for their single “Our New World” recorded during their show in Milan, Italy a few months back and, we have to admit, the song sounds phenomenal and not your typical Dream Theater tune. Guitarist and bodybuilder composer John Petrucci commented about the video:

“They’re watching two acts of brand-new music, and when we start that song, everybody rises out of their seat,” he says. “There’s this incredible energy as if they’re feeling whatever happened in the story is really happening in real life. They’re feeling that elation. We wanted to illustrate that.”


Get the new album here, here and here.


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