Down’s Bobby Landgraf: The music industry isn’t even an industry any more”

Posted by on August 28, 2015

Down are no spring chickens. While they’ve never been a full time band, they have a 20 year catalog, and many of them have been in other bands with tons of heritage. And even though guitarist Bobby Landgraf is the new guy in the band, he’s got enough perspective to know that the music industry has changed pretty drastically. Talking to the Front Row Report (video below), Landgraf says that the new reality is that most new bands have to do a lot of the work themselves:

“With Down there’s a label and management and people who take care of that kind of stuff. But when you’re up-and-coming, you’re trying to do it yourself. Shit, the industry is not even an industry any more. You just do what you can on your own and see how far you get it. Throw the flag up and see who salutes.”

He added that like most bands, Down make their money from playing live and people buying shirts. That being said, they’re still planning on writing the third Down EP before the year’s up “We’re truing to knwo ’em out one a year,” he says. We gotta finish writing it, but it’s coming out sooner than the other ones did.” Really Bobby? Down IV – Part Two came out in 2014, and the first EP was in 2012. Seems to us like things are on schedule instead of ahead of it, but what do we know?


[via Metal Hammer]

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