Yesterday, some guy uploaded some footage of a drummer with a caption claiming it was the “new drummer of Megadeth.” It probably  isn’t the first person to upload a video to say they were replacing Shawn Drover. However, the person that uploaded it was Justis Mustaine, Dave’s son, and David Ellefson was in the video as well. Sure, they’re playing coy, since you can hear, but not see anything more than the fact that said drummer has two arms and two legs. in fact, it could even be former drummer Nick Menza, who said he wouldn’t rule out a return to the band. Even once they get a drummer, they still need to worry about finding a guitarist though. Blabbermouth remembers that Menza was set to reunite with Megadeth back in 2004, but was replaced with Shawn Drover right before a tour was to start.