Destruction share ‘Back to Thrash’ Post Lockdown Shows Aftermovie

Posted by on July 6, 2020


As the uncertainties of COVID-19 continue, events are happening to test socially-distanced shows and bring back music and the arts in communities. Parts of Europe have been doing relatively well compared to The United States, Brazil, and India when it comes to containing the coronavirus. With such progress, there are areas all over the globe slowly starting to have events and a bit of normalcy to return. German thrashers Destruction were invited to test the waters in Pratteln, Switzerland, to hold a weekend of two socially-distancing concerts at the Z7 club. The 1,600 capacity venue implemented limitations with a max of 300 attendees as 250 attended the first night (3rd) and 300 the second night (4th). While it looked as though fans refrained from moshing, it still seemed impossible to maintain social distancing. However, there was a decent amount of space on the floor, but not too many concert goers were wearing face masks.

The group commented:

“Today we have a trailer for the aftermovie from our shows in Switzerland @Z7 last weekend. The movie itself will be released next week. We understand & appreciate that the interest in the events are very big, as we were one of the first international touring bands having concerts after the lockdown ended here in Europe.”


Frontman Scchmier adds:

“When we heard that our fave club Z7 is doing concerts under government restrictions, we were amazed by the fact cause we all know that the prognosis for shows this year was very low. Switzerland has very low Corona cases and moves ahead as a role-model at the moment. When we got invited to play, I read the precautions and restrictions for concerts in the country and there is a lot of substance in their catalogue of measures. Social distancing only works with common sense, so we all need to learn how to live with it! The shows turned out great, the people were really respectful and we have decided to film the event. So our team is working on an after-movie and a live mix till next week now, the world needs to see that there is HOPE for the music business!!! Yes it will not be easy but we can do it, step by step and all together! More news very soon – thanks for the worldwide support we have received!”


Watch the trailer below:

The group expressed their excitement after performing a weekend of shows for the first time since the pandemic started:

“WOW!!! What a weekend in Switzerland @Konzertfabrik Z7 – Pratteln – danke, merci, thanks, grazie, teşekkürler for the fantastic fans that came from all over Europe to see the gigs.
Respect for the discipline that the Metal community showed at these social distancing concerts, this is the way this should be done.
A big CHEERS to the Z7 team for the invitation, the love and the perfect administration.
We are all hoping and working on more shows, as soon as our governments will give us guidelines and options!
We have filmed part of the concert and have collected background infos. So there will be an aftershow movie coming soon – stay tuned! 😎🤘”




The band commented after their first post-lockdown gig:

“Danke Pratteln ihr wart der OBERHAMMER!!! 😍🤘
Our first show since the Corona crisis took place yesterday in Switzerland and it was really amazing. The fans were keeping mostly the social distancing rules and the atmosphere was really positive! We are ALL hungry for some normality …
Switzerland allows concert under certain guidelines restricted by the government, our show had a maximum of 300 people in a 1500 capacity room. We all felt safe and could keep the distance. Thanks for the support and the respect. This is the way this is done right, for the future of our scene! 🖤🖤🖤
Tonights show Konzertfabrik Z7 – Pratteln is sold out. Lets make it a great one to remember as well! 😎🤘”



Watch the performance below:




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