David Bowie also turned down Dave Grohl

Posted by on February 18, 2016

bowiegrohlOther than his amazing epitaph Blackstar and 2013’s The Next Day, David Bowie didn’t really do too much musically in the latter years of his life. While he appeared on Arcade Fire’s Reflector in 2013, we’d heard more about him saying no to artists. Coldplay’s Chris Martin said that Bowie turned down a song he’d sent him to sing on, stating “It’s not one of your best.” In a new video for Playboy, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl says that Bowie turned him down as well:

“About two years ago, I got approached by this movie to do a song for the movie, so I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll have someone else sing, I’ll do the music and then have another vocalist.’ And then I thought, “Maybe I’ll ask and see if David would want to do it.’ So the next day I get an email and it says, ‘David, I watched the movie and I got to be honest, it’s not my thing.’ He said, ‘I’m not made for these times.'”

Perhaps the best part is that afterwards, he responded, thanking Bowie regardless, and Bowie wrote back saying “Alright, now that’s settled then, fuck off.” Grohl says he couldn’t tell whether he was serious or joking.

You can watch the rest of the video, in which Grohl and guitarist Pat Smear drive around L.A. in a Ford Bronco reminiscing about Bowie and visiting places where Bowie hung out when he was in Los Angeles in 1975 and 1976 while recording Station to Station. It’s a fun 10-minute clip where  you get a sense of the fanhood of the two Foos, as well as some of the history of a bygone era, with appearances by legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer and Joan Jett (via phone, anyway). Of course, the clip ends with the two at the Rainbow.

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