Darkthrone’s “Tundra Leech” finds the band slowing down, rocking the hell out

Posted by on August 18, 2016



It’s been a week since Darkthrone announced the release of their new album, Arctic Tundra, and now we finally have a new song from them. The Norwegian metallers said that they wanted to make what they called “slow metal.” They certainly deliver with “Tundra Leech.” In a clip that includes dialogue from Fenriz breaking down the song, he name-checks Necrophagia, Hellhammer and Poison Idea. What we hear is something that’s kind of like a slower death ‘n roll song, it’s got riffs for days. If you want to skip the description, head to about 2:45 in the clip to dive in. You’ll probably want to listen again, like we did.

Arctic Thunder will be out Octover 14th on Peaceville, and can be preordered here.



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