Cruise the Astral Plane with Ecstatic Vision

Posted by on July 16, 2015

After A Life Once Lost broke up in 2013, soon after the release of Ecstatic Trance the year before, guitarist Doug Sabolick formed psychedelic rock / metal band Ecstatic Vision with former ALOL drummer Jordan Crouse. Their debut album came earlier this month on Relapse Records, and now the band just released a 13 minute music video for the song “Astral Plane.”

In an interview with VICE, Doug Sabolick explains the change in direction from those A Life Once Lost days:

“You know how when you’re 20 years old, and you’re into metal, you’re very wide-eyed and you’re into all these bands? And then 10 years later, most people come in and out of these music scenes. They come and go, and eventually do what they consider growing up or they move on. I think that people who have been into metal bands or have been into heavy music for a long time might appreciate our record because maybe they see what we’re touching on, in a way. It is a heavy record, but not a metal record by any means. Unless maybe you’re tracing it to the early origins of metal. So I’ll always be connected to that.”

Though Ecstatic Vision toured with YOB and Enslaved earlier this year, Sabolick said, “I don’t necessarily see Enslaved touring with Ecstatic Vision again.”



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