There were a lot of people upset when Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington replaced Scott Weiland in Stone Temple Pilots. The band didn’t say exactly why they got rid of their original vocalist, simply stating that they “didn’t have any other choice.” Weiland recently played his first show with his other band The Wildabouts since their guitarist died, and if his performance of his former band’s “Vasoline” is any indication, it’s easy to see why STP got rid of him.

The Houston Press reviewed last night’s (29) show at the Warehouse Live in Houston, and the critics were raving! Raving about how bad the show was, that is. Angelica Leicht summed things up by saying he’d “crashed and burned.” And while he might have just had an off night in Houston, the performance of “Vasoline” from the previous night in Corpus Christi proves that it’s more than just one off night. Weiland, once an electric performer, seems content mumbling the song out of tune. Despite the backing of the band, which seems game, Weiland sounds like he’s doing drunk karaoke, one of the signature voices of the ’90s reduced to a sad mockery of itself. It’s a shame that Weiland has fallen so far. He was definitely a great showman as recently as last decade. He’s definitely had his struggles over the course of the band’s career, but here’s hoping he gets the help he needs and admits he has a problem. If he needs any proof, all he needs to do is watch this video.