If there’s anything we’ve learned over time, and more recently via documentaries like The 13th and O.J.: Made In America and even fictional movies like Straight Outta Compton, it’s that historically, the Los Angeles Police Department have kind of been dicks. Historically viewed as racist and corrupt the term “L.A.P.D.” might bring to mind the beating of Rodney King more than it would normal cops doing their job.

However, Compton Police were recently wrapping up a call when they heard a band rehearsing in their backyard. We don’t know much about the band, but instead of busting Misled Youth Sheriff’s Deputy Miguel Garcia picked up a guitar and jammed with them. He’s plays a little bit of The Offspring’s “The Kids Aren’t Alright” in the clip. In a news story on the event, one of the kids in the band is wearing a battle vest with Testament, Metallica and Death Angel patches on it, so it’s not clear whether they were into the whole Offspring thing, but at least the band and the officer are representing local music. Regardless, it’s good to see the cop encouraging the band as opposed to oppressing them or yelling at them.

[via Teamrock]