Greenville KY cops: Don’t blame us for arresting Exodus fan

Posted by on September 11, 2014

In the wake of Exodus fan James Evans’ arrest in Greenville, KY for posting the lyrics to an Exodus song about a school shooting, there are many feel that the police overstepped their bounds and that Evans  was protected by the first amendment. Combined with increased scrutiny of police following the mess in Ferguson, there’s been a lot of disapproval of police in Greenville by Exodus fans and the ACLU, perhaps enough for the Greenville Police Department to release a statement about the arrest essentially absolving themselves from any blame:

“The recent arrest of a Muhlenberg County man for posting song lyrics on social media has caused a great deal of controversy. Many concerned fans have expressed their disapproval of the GPD for this arrest. However, no officers from the GPD were in any way involved in the criminal charges and arrest of this man. The charges were filed by a Muhlenberg County School Resource Officer of the Muhlenberg County Police. Please refer all further inquiries to the Muhlenberg County Police.”

Well, there you have it – don’t blame the local cops, blame the county cops. If you want to register your annoyance with them, here’s their website, which looks like it was designed around 2003 or so.

[via Metal Sucks]


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