Coliseum flirt with several genres. Heavy enough to be considered metal, but with an Amphetamine Reptile noise-rock sound, they’ve had records out on Relapse, Temporary Residence and now Deathwish, and they fit in (and also stick out) on all three labels. The band have just released a video for “Sunlight In a Snowstorm” via The A.V. Club,  and it sounds more postpunk than anything they’ve done before. It’s not particularly aggressive, but has angular guitar lines and a driving bassline, and Ryan Patterson’s vocals are Joy Division-like in nature. Pair that with an artfully-shot black and white video, and this is a song that could bring the band to an entirely different audience.

The band’s Deathwish debut, Anxiety’s Kiss, will be out on May 5th. It can be preordered here.