Code Orange return with track from third album

Posted by on October 31, 2016


Remember back when Pittsburgh’s Code Orange were Code Orange Kids? That was only for their first album, and admittedly, they were pretty young at the time. They changed their name for 2014’s sophomore album, I Am King, which more or less demanded they be taken seriously without saying a word. Today, they revealed the title track from their forthcoming third album, Forever, via Rolling Stone. And if you think that the transition from Deathwish to Roadrunner means that they’ve gone soft and lightened up, this will instantly change your mind. Jami Morgan sums up the feeling about the band in a choice quote from the interview:

“There’s a lot of bands about fun, especially in hardcore. Our band is not about fun. It’s never fun, but it’s rewarding.”

Once again, Converge’s Kurt Ballou is behind the board, but this time, there are some subtle electronics in the mix on the album, which will be out in January. Here’s what Morgan says about the eleven-track Forever:

“When you feel settled in, I want it to just fuck you again,” Morgan says. “We tried to do it in a more strategic way than when we’d done it in the past. There’s a part in one song where it cuts in kind of like a nightmare, almost like a mental breakdown.”

Check out the video below.


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