Wrestling and metal have been the perfect combination since at least the ’80s, when both reached peak glam phases. Both have rabid, male-skewing fan bases, tons of theatricality, and pack out arenas. And while metal’s involvement with wrestling has mostly been more along the lines of popular, crowd-pleasing metal, new WWE superstar Aleister Black (formerly Tommy End of the Netherlands) has embraced a black metal aesthetic. His theme song, “Evil Terminators,” was written in tandem wy WWE’s producers CFO$ and NYC hardcore band Incendiary, and he wears a battle vest. 

Essentially, the farm league for future WWE stars, WWE NXT started in Florida, but since 2015, has been having events nationwide. This past weekend, NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III came to the Barclay’s Center, and when Black made his entrance, instead of blasting his theme when he took the stage, Code Orange was there to play it. It’s been quite a year for the band, with their Roadrunner debut Forever, coming out, and tours with the likes of  Deafheaven and Anthrax fortifying their word of mouth as an amazing live band. They got to play an arena on Friday, and seem to have gone over great.